Cockatoos: The Mission

I have a flock of pet parrots, mostly cockatoos. I’m passionate about providing them with a physically and mentally healthy environment. In turn, they provide me with inspiration for my wood carvings. I spend quality time with my birds every day and despite the work and time they require, I love them and my commitment to them remains strong.

In this video here you can take a tour of “The Bird Room” where my pet parrots live and thrive.

Gallery of Me and My Flock of Pet Birds

Click on any of the images below to open up larger pictures, and so you can swipe through the entire gallery of me and my pet birds.

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a photograph of gary carver of carverscarvings standing in his aviary holding his pet cockatoo named punky


Gary P. Carver, Ph.D. is the talented artist and master craftsman behind the unique stylized bird carvings found here at CarversCarvings.

Gary is also a long-time member, and Director Emeritus of The American Chestnut Foundation.

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