photograph of a display of stylized wood carvings of various birds, dry vases and wall hangings by gary carver of carverscarvings


My stylized carvings are made from a variety of new, recycled, and vintage woods. While I have bought some old wood, most of it was given to me. Some of my recycled wood is new because it comes from the “cull cart” or trash pile of big box stores. Some of the old wood comes from old cabins or barns and can be 100 years old, or older. I leave a portion of the original surface of the wood on my larger carvings and on my dry vases to show its heritage, either as a log, fence post, or old hand-hewn barn beam.

I use only native North American woods, except for a limited amount of mahogany and (rarely) other wood that acquaintances give me.

Creating My Carvings

To create my carvings, I rescue wood from old barns, old fences, the forest floor, and trees that had the misfortune to be felled by diseases, storms, or chain saws. Rarely do I buy wood from a wood store. I design my carvings to bring out the most interesting and attractive features of the wood. I even incorporate natural defects, such as cracks, rotted areas, and insect damage, into the designs. To me, creating a carving from a piece of wood brings part of a tree back to life.

Finishing My Carvings

I finish my carvings with four coats of sprayed-on clear polyurethane varnish. The first two coats are “gloss” to seal the wood and the last two are “satin” to provide a soft-looking, non-shiny surface. As a result, my carvings do not need any special care (other than an occasional petting or dusting).

Parts of Each Carving

Except for the ducks, woodpeckers, and wall hangings, all my carvings are one piece, with no attachments. The heads of the ducks are carved from separate blocks of wood, then mounted on the bodies with epoxy and an embedded metal rod. The woodpecker and nuthatch carvings are one piece, but they are mounted on separate pieces of wood for the wall hangings using epoxy and screws or threaded rods. There is a picture hanger on the back of each wall hanging.

Engraving & Branding My Carvings

I engrave and/or brand the bottoms or backs of the carvings with my name and the type(s) of wood.

Explore My Stylized Wood Carvings

My stylized wood carvings are arranged in categories.

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Wall Hangings

stylized wood carving of a woodpecker mounted a wooden wall hanging by gary carver of carverscarvings

Stand-Alone Birds

Dry Vases

photograph of silk daffodils in a dry vase wood carving by gary carver of carverscarvings

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Gary P. Carver, Ph.D. is the talented artist and master craftsman behind the unique stylized bird carvings found here at CarversCarvings.

Gary is also a long-time member, and Director Emeritus of The American Chestnut Foundation.

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