stand alone wood bird carvings

Carving large stand-alone birds is challenging, especially because I carve them in one piece, without any attached parts (except for the heads of ducks).  I want the birds to look like they were inside the wood and I want the wood to show its origin as a section of a log or beam.

Also, because of my “one piece” requirement, I can only carve birds that stand upright so that the grain (the direction of strength) is vertical and their tails give added support.  This means that I can only carve birds-of-prey and parrot-family birds—no birds that stand on skinny legs and have a mostly horizontal body.

My stand-alone bird carvings are arranged in the categories below. Click on the buttons to explore each individual category.

Birds of Prey

stylized american chestnut wood beam carving of an eagle by gary carver of carverscarvings


Backyard Birds

stylized wood carving of a woodpecker mounted a wooden wall hanging by gary carver of carverscarvings

Water Birds

photograph of the side view of a stylized wood carving of an egg shaped baby swan by gary carver of carverscarvings

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a photograph of gary carver of carverscarvings standing in his aviary holding his pet cockatoo named punky


Gary P. Carver, Ph.D. is the talented artist and master craftsman behind the unique stylized bird carvings found here at CarversCarvings.

Gary is also a long-time member, and Director Emeritus of The American Chestnut Foundation.

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